Proportions - The Art of Studying (Tips for Artists)

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Sometimes You Don't Have Time, But You Need to Keep Practicing!

This is my current status lately.

Indeed it is, I've signed a NDA for few of the projects I am lately and I can't really share what I am doing most of the day. Yet it is looking awesome and for sure I will be able to show you all together at the end of the project.

Unfortunately it will probably be in a long time from now.

So at the moment let s just stick to some practices to keep the flow. Let me show you some things I've been working on to get better at design.


Since I realized that design was a subject that I was REALLY missing, I decided to put an extra eye on that. This opened the doors to me (and the windows and everything) to a new realm of possibilities...

...I didn't only got better in my whole spectrum of arts but I also realized what was the thing I enjoyed at most:
organic assets.

Say, character, structures, plants, everything with organic shapes. I always had that feeling biting my ass, but since few months ago I realized that it was really for sure that this was the way.

This was also a great relief since I always struggled into which direction I should go by being specialized in arts. And this is really good also because it allows me to "laser focus" on one thing, and one thing only. So I eventually use less energy (which is a lie, because I use even more to get even BETTER than I would naturally and eventually get) to get to that place and goal and be better at it than the average. Which I hope I am already. I dunno D:

Still, too many unrelated words, let's go back to the exercise!...

Since I know that organics and characters are my thing, there is mostly one thing that relates to the design in this case: PROPORTIONS.


These bastard good and bad looking are everywhere and it is actually the way that humans measure. We establish relations between features and this is the way we create proportions. Once again: Proportions themselves are relationships between objects and features.

This is why I decided to go wild some some time ago and start trying things that I haven't seen before been tried. Probably some crazy loco like me already tried them, but here we go and let me show you what I mean...


...Even tho' the quality of this is not the best, this is mainly because of a lack of time (Probably writing this post is taking me more time than what took me to do these studies lol). But here you can see a clear example of exploration for proportions:

These circles I did as a base with a stick (that represents later the direction of the neck) are the stablished proportions between the lower head (or jaw) and the upper one (or crown). The rest is just improvisation and adaptation of the features to the base drawing.

This way we make sure that our brain understand the processes of creation for new features that we previously didn't know. Which means that we will also explore possibilities that weren't there before and maybe we will end up creating something absolutely new and original. Something very needed in the industry of arts these days.

So what are you waiting for? Go and make some practices and share them with me!!

Thanks a lot for your support and I see you in the next one!

(All the images are my own creation and therefore I own their rights)


I always try to listen to the ideas of my fellow followers to improve my posts and to give something back to the community... therefor: What would you like the next posts to be about? What should I talk about? What kind of painting? Would you like some tutorials about arts, about cooking? Maybe some fresh gaming broadcast? I would love to know!

I apologize if I don't reply to your message. Sometimes I can't find enough time for it. But you can be sure that I will read it!



Hello! Really liked your post :)
I would be interested in coloring post and how you can choose the perfect colors for a character or atmosphere!

I really appreciate your artwork, very beautiful. I also play art genres like you, if you do not mind you bole visit…

i can even draw.expression is very good. thanks.

I am not good at drawing but I like this arts. Your circles technique is also nice. I am following you for next drawings.

I remember I had a book, in which told about how to learn to draw. And figures were created using the same circles as in your sketch)

I really like your technique and drawings.. I also try to work in digital, even if is kind of hard for me.Hope I will be able soon to draw so nice like you!😊

Hla anritco te deje un coment en tu post anterior y te acabo de nombrar en un megapost que acabo de lanzar ahora mismo por si quieres verte, si porsupuesto hablo bien de ti jaja
votando este y restem como no.

interesante cuando estudiaba en la universidad hubieron muchas practica de dibujo, y el método más simple es ver la imagen preliminar en forma de figuras geométrica a partir de ese punto se desarrolla, la base del dibujo,estudié mucho el canon de las proporciones en las figura griega y egipcia todo es matemática,son geniales tus trabajo.

asi es edurley muy interesnte tu comentario, yo de dibujo mas bien poco algo dibujo pero no es lo mio, pero si me dio por estudiar algunas cosas sobre las geometrias el tema de los fractales, la matematica de dios que le llaman ya seguro que algo de eso as visto, lo del numero pi la proporcion aurea y todas esas cosas interesantes, esto tiene mucho mas de lo que parece, practicamente todos desde pequeños buscamos esas cosas porque es el fin propio de la reproduccion, cuando vemos cosas que nos gustan las vemos mas sanas y eso hace que reproduzcamos y ¿no es ese el propio fin de la vida? creo que algo de eso es, reproducirse y procrear, y evolucionar.
lo que no se si en los animales sera tambien asi o no.

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