Mario Bros Fanart - How Fan of Mario are You?

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Hi Everybody !

Mario Bros was always a game that I liked, mostly because of the art. How they solved so many problems with a bunch of pixels.

(All the images are my own creation and so I own the rights of them)

Even tho' I haven't play it too much, I really liked it. I always been more a RPG player, so the arcades never been too much my thing. But this fellow was always an icon for the gamer GIGANTIC community.


I didn't really know what to do this time, not even what design or idea I would come up with.


So it was time for finding the style by... SKETCHING!

Not very complicated, started from general shapes and ideas I had on mind. Sketched them rapidly and without detail, and then just cleaned them finding new shapes! I think they deserve a to be painted appart, since they look pretty original (despite of the fact that it's actually based on Mario Bros Franchise character =).


Since I wanted to base this concept into an illustration with a very vertiginous feeling, I doodled few different thumbnails for looking for a rough composition.

After doing few of them I found the idea (even tho' I should've done like 100, but i am a lazy bastard.

I rapidly decided for that fellow at the bottom. I could say that I had it already all solved inside my head. Not too much the colors and another mistakes that suddenly appeared. But the general idea was already materialized in my eye.


After these thumbnails I took the chosen one and started adding some information, plus cleaning after defining the shapes and make a more precise use of the space once there.

I ended up with a very nice line-art (not that nice) that worked pretty as a guide for the colors and shapes. It also came out super vertiginous, just as I wanted !!

But I must say that the design of the character came out super different than the one I've chosen... I am not really happy with that.

And it came the time to add the colors !


I started with a base for each element and a base flat color to start materializing the ideas in my head. Then added some shadows, corrections, highlights.

That background with the plants coming from a grass was shutting down the vertigo feeling and making some weird things with the colors and so on the composition. So I replaced it with a whole blue sky for working in contrast with the red of Mario and golden boxes

I also added some pictures of smoke coming out from the foe mouth to give it the feeling of heat. Because as far as I remember this plant-guys used to spit fire.

Following the advice I received to not make the posts too long, I decided to cut them right here ;)

Also I wanted to share with you that I will probably be developing these concepts just as a fanart, and another Nintendo epic characters such as Bowser, Link, Metroid, Donkey Kong, etc.

What do you think? Do you like the idea? =)

Thanks a lot for your support and don't forget to have a nice day ;)


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I will never forget the first ever video game I played: super mario world on SNES. Hated the first ten minutes, got better, and then a young gamer was born :P

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Hell yeah! something really similar in my case :3

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I used to playit when i was kid

Really awesome painting ! Brings back a lot of memories. Used to play mario games a lot back in the day.

Hahaha Amazing man!

oh! mario bro! me trae muy buenos recuerdos de mi infancia

Great work as always @anritco! I'm really looking forward for your link fanart, since I'm a biiig Zelda fan! Maybe you draw Gannon too? ;)

Hahahha I love that stars expression! I think you should continue with the fanart and in not opposed to longer posts. It's fun to read.

Thanks a lot! I will be doing one from rick and morty at the moment :P

Hah! That's gonna be fun! Can't wait to see it.

DUDE! Your work is CRAAAAAAAZY. So good man. Do you ever go to Cons?

Thanks a lot man! what you mean by cons? :D

Like anime conventions and comic conventions. I noticed you are European, I'm not sure if they are popular there. But in the States, many artists like you sell their work at cons. You could work for any of the best gaming companies out there man.

Hahaha thank you! I am argentinian living in poland tho', and they priorize their people (anywhere in europe)... so I am mostly working freelance, but I am actually working on projects to see if I can go to patreon, besides steemit and stuff, unfortunately, I don t have so many fan base =)

If you are willing to move to California, this company is very good.
They would hire you no problem

Hahaha I wish ! actually I've been in a conference in croatia a month ago where one of the recruiters was there and explained what is needed to get hired by them... But I am afraid I still don't have the skills for them, mostly design.

I'd love to work with these guys, they are extremely talented and would be a dream for me haha

Man this blog Layout is amazing! How do you put a image next to your writen text?

you have to write it like this (but without spaces between the "<" and ">"):

< p >

< div class=pull-right >


< /div >

< /p >


Note: it can be pull left as well.

Nice, thanks for that. I will try it in my post tomorrow👍

I just love super mario i remember playing it on the little console pc box or what was it called had alot of fun still mario wad like some few pixels and saving the princess from that ugly toad much memories

Indeed! Childhood!

excellent fanart, quality post. have an upvote

Very cool! I am a fan as well. Keep up the good work. I also have done some fan art on my page.

I like your post,
You get my vote,
will improve your quality,
if you vote back to me