Second framed drawing | Cat in mandala pattern style

in art •  3 months ago


This was my very first drawing in years

In the summer of 2017, I had a brief period of two months that I started drawing again after years. I just searched for some examples on the internet and thought it was kind of cool to draw animals and fill them with a mandala style pattern. This cat was the first attempt I did to create something in that style. Now, let me first explain that the markers I could buy in that area where we lived weren't the best ones at all. They didn't draw nice and they failed me lots of times. So, unfortunately, the drawings I made in those months have some flaws lol. But as I liked drawing in this style, I made some other animals after this one too, an elephant and owl, and a moon with a wolf in it. The reason that I framed this one first, was simply because it was the only one that fitted in this frame. As you can see the ears are a bit cut off, and the date I wrote on it is a bit cut off too, but I think it still looks nice. And to me, it's a memory of when I rediscovered my creative self, and passion for drawing.

I really need to think about the size of my drawings from now on, so they are framable (is that even a word?) haha. Because I was kind of disappointed that some of them weren't even an option to put in a frame. This frame is 13x18 cm.




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What a nice clipping. Looks like she's sneaking around the corner :)


Thank you so much, yeah it's a shame it didn't fit completely but I still thought it looks cute like this.. even with the cut of ears lol...

For a first drawing (in years) this looks awesome. I really like the style and the fact that it's (still) really recognizable.
How big is/was the drawing?


Yeah it's the first in years, when I was little I used to draw all the time.. but my life and the hard years before I started made me forget the joy I got from drawing.. I like this style, will share the others when I frame them too, but as I have made a bit of progress in drawing I see the flaws in this one lol..
This one is from a sketchbook (I think) 13x18 cm because it fits this frame, but as you can see there's another white paper around the drawing so I guess the part it shows is about 10x15 size like the most common pictures people frame. The sketchbook doesnt have a size on it, so I can't know for sure but that's my guess looking at the frame and how the drawing almost fits lol


That gives some more context. You don't always know how a picture was taken, so it could also have been much langer or smaller as well.


Yeah, you're right. I've added the info now :)

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i love the details and the effect <3
it looks so cool and interesting like this, i gotta admit like this kind of style because of the effect it has :)
i also like the design in it's forehead


Thank you, I like it too, I was looking for another animal drawing to maybe fill up with this pattern too, but its a lot of work lol. And I need to check if my black markers are still ok for that. Nothing more annoying than being busy with a drawing like this when your marker fails you on duty haha

Wow, I love it! You are very talented.


Thank you :)

What a lovey kitty!
I love the choice of your patterns!


Thanks, :)

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Very nice cat, @anouk.nox ! And I love how it is framed :D It really looked like it is peeking from around the corner :) The details are really lovely! All those patterns are so intricately done !!! <3