Finally found a frame for my realistic eye drawing

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I've been looking for frames for a while, without success

Today I found a set of two frames at the Lidl supermarket, which match our other furniture. This is the big frame and now I had to pick the drawing or painting that I wanted to frame first, that fits this frame. This is the one that I chose. I made this realistic eye pencil drawing back in December 2017, when I slowly started getting active on Steemit again. My boyfriend bought me a drawing set in a fancy box, and then I had to decide what I was going to draw. At that moment it had been months since I touched a marker or pencil to create something, as we were busy relocating. I accidentally found an example online of a realistic eye with youtube tutorial, and I spend several days drawing before it was finished. It's not perfect, far from perfect I guess, but I'm still proud of it. And now it's hanging on our bedroom wall framed, so we constantly will have the allseeing eye looking at us. lol. Ps I know the picture is not perfect, because of the light in the room I had to make the picture in an impossible angle due to the reflection of the light. The frame is 21x30 cm.




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Super Nice , it really looks great and it looks AT you

You did good to me and it is very perfect! Happy you finally found a frame for your pretty eye

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It looks great regardless. I know how finding matching decorations at home is a huge pain in the neck.

that sweeter so beautiful, I also knitted one years ago very similar, but yours is beautiful, congratulations

Wow, I didn't know you can draw @anouk.nox. That's a really nice drawing, although I don't know if I'd hang it in my bedroom. I'd probably hang it somewhere near the front door so every time someone enters they'll have a huge eye staring at them.