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I could make 3 different entries out of these but I hate post-abusing, instead I´ll give you a long as hell post!

Are you ready? 

Podría hacer 3 diferentes publicaciones pero no me gusta publicabusar, en lugar de eso te dejo un post enorme!

Estás listo?

3... 2... 1...

As you can see I am a big fan of getting my camera out in all of the cities I visit, it doesn´t matter if it is a hippie town, a dangerous city, a chill out village, it matters not. I decided to document all of the street art I can gather from all around the world to share it with you.

Como puedes ver soy un gran fanático de sacar mi cámara a donde sea que vaya, no importa si es un pueblo hippie, una ciudad peligrosa o una aldea tranquila, importa poco. He decidido documentar todo el arte urbano que pueda encontrar alrededor de todo el mundo para compartirlo con ustedes.

Guatemala has tons of Street art!! From murals made by indigenous artists to psychodelic graphitti made by a guy flying, every city has a different scene and style, it appears that each city´s vibe takes care of gathering the same flow of people. It just attracts them and similar people ends up together so their art has the same current.

Guatemala tiene toneladas de Arte Urbano!! Desde murales  hechos por artistas indígenas hasta graffiti psicodélico hecho por alguien volando, cada ciudad tienen un estilo y escenario diferente, parece ser que la vibra de cada pueblo se encarga de unir al mismo tipo de persona. Simplemente atraen a personas similares así que su arte sigue la misma corriente.

Tell me which one is your favorite! If it is the same as mine I will transfer you 5 SBD!!

Dime cual es tu favorita y si coincide con la mía te transfiero 5 SBD!!


MY GOODNESS this brought back so much nostalgia for Guatemala! I remember so many of these murals!!! THIS IS A GREAT POST!!!!!

wow really beautiful street art pictures ;)
my favorite one is the second picture (weird looking face kissing a bird)

Oh damn, so close to getting mine! Hehehe I am so glad you enjoy my posts my friend, I know you upvote some of them. I am sorry i havent been active on the voting duty but once my SP goes back to 90% i will definitely go by your profile, your posts are definitely between my favs.

oh nice :) can you already reveal, which is your favorite one?
it's always hard to keep up with all the good content creators I follow, but I try to do my best ;)
Thank you for your support my friend!

Wow, lots of amazing art! I wish to go and see for myself.
The Comadrona Encarnacion so realistic. Beautiful, thank you for sharing all those treasures, my friend.

Hey my friend! Long time no see. I am sorry I havent been so active and only posting... the road is a demanding mistress. Once I have the time I will go through your profile, I hope to find more Open Mic stuff!
By the way, will you be interested in joining @ocd? There might ne an open spot and you are always curating and commenting on good content...

Yes, I know how it is. Good to hear from you, my friend. I've been too busy in real life and little time for steemit. I would like to join @ocd but my plate is too full right at this time. Thank you for thinking of me.
However, I was able to post a poem today, so more steemians would have a chance to read This.
Maybe next week I will do another Openmic entry if my timing is right.
I enjoyed the Guatemala City post and I am heading over there to leave a comment now.

That's a lot of epic street art! Did you annoy other pedestrians stopping every five seconds to take photos or was there further space than it looks between them? XD (seeing as all we see are photos and don't know how far you had to walk or where you found them)

Very hard pick but my favourite was the pink butterfly on the door.

Ohhh the place was completely empty! Well, I got up very early and since most towns have their labor start late I mostly had the streets for myself every time jejejeje

Oh damn, I hoped more people would have guessed, only four did and it is more than 60 pics so no, it is not that one my fav hahaha

These are fantastic! Thanks for sharing!!

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