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While I am still working on the ninth Adumbration, here is a selection of some of my older works, Visual Relics I:

The video was created in Photoshop, which is not really a video-editing software, as we all know, but.. I heard it can do that, too, so I tried it out.

Speaking of visual relics, here is another one:

Sabina Nore

Monochrome, so it corresponds better to the cliche of a visual relic.

Have a lovely day!

Sabina Nore

Sabina Nore

Wow, tolles Video und ganz wunderbar phantasievolle Bilder!!!
Deine Arbeiten sind eine echte Quelle der Inspiration!

Eines der schönsten Komplimente das man bekommen kann von einer Künstlerin! :)
Danke dir vielmals Kathrina!

haha, visual relics - and self-depreciating humor, but what should I say about myself?
btw: I got all your "visual relics" here (just fixed the page the other day):
the video is cool - I am going to add it to your page.
... and blog:
You got a better version of Photoshop - I am a cheapskate and use the free downloaded CS2 (which is not supported anymore). But it still works for me for stills, and for video editing I use Windows Movie Maker, so I am using them in combination.

Thank you Otto!

The track was so beautiful! And it almost brought the paintings to life, I could see them moving (and I am not referring to the video effects, in my eyes the figures were moving).
It looked like a fantasy film trailer with a dose of sweet mystery :D

Das ist wirklich wunderschön. Deine Werke nacheinander in einem Video zu sehen, hebt nochmal besonders den roten Faden deiner Bildsprache hervor. Die Musik passt wunderbar...

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Thank you very much!


Girl with teddy-bear and rabbit :) Rabbit expression is priceless and it would be nice to see whole piece @anibas.

La edición del video quedó muy bien, la música y las obras van perfectas.
Saludos Sabina.

Greetings @slwzl, thank you!

Create a video in Photoshop? Yes, you know how to surprise :)

p.s. I didn't know that you are so beautiful, Sabina!

Thank you @feelisgood, but this isn't me. This is a photo of me, on a sunny day, taken by a great photographer.

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That's some serious skill and tons of amazing artworks. You should probably start auctioning some on steembay

I enjoyed watching it, and the music was great, :)

Wow! Just wow! Such an amazing work of art @anibas! :)

Thank you. Which one?

The video you made :)