The Lovers

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"To move forward requires an act of disobedience against the established order. Love has always been transgressive and this card makes that clear. The old order must be sacrificed if life and love is to flourish."

On the Lovers card by Jessica Davidson (Tarot & the Hero's Journey)


The Lovers


Love/partnerships. Union, connection. Bonding.

♫ Aural associations ♪ ♩

The music of this Tarot card. Please note: The titles of the selected songs are irrelevant, it is about the vibrations of the music compared to the vibrations of the card. These are personal choices.
Says by Nils Frahm

More on Youtube: Short promotional video for the Anibas Tarot deck

Artwork by
Sabina Nore
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  ·  last year (edited)

Why I love this card?
Love is the highest power and it can transform everything. This card symbolizes sacred marriage of two energies that are opposite, but by will they come together to unite in the sacred union of love that will transform both. Moon and Sun, woman and man, conscious and subconscious, reason and emotion, they will unite their forces by free will to learn about the other half which makes them whole. This is an unconscious decision caused by archetypal need which is in all of us. Eros is that power that transforms this seed in us into the will for unification and transformation. And whenever the opposites unite, both are achieving the higher state of consciousness and personal transformation. Jung calls it - a combination of things which are related but of unlike nature. Love is therefore alchemical wedding. Everything else is pure form. All this I see in this car: desire, need for the other, passion and tenderness.

Thank you for sharing why you love this card! :)

I hope that i explained not only why I love Tarot card Lovers, but also why I love your card. All important aspect are visible in your card. You put them even in the position of opposites(up-down, left-right; woman-man, which gives even more strength to their connection and union(their hands holding each other and their heads in the light). Just beautiful.

I can't speak for anyone else, but it is clear to me. :)
Thanks again!

  ·  last year (edited)

like the idea of yin/yang here... the only thing I'm searching for is "the choice" which normally the lover brings in his signification amongs others. Actually, the lover represents also hesitation, choice between two paths... may be you have included in your card here but I'm too blind to see it ? Anyway, I really love this card !