Original Digital Art by Martin Angelo / “Sunset The Battle between the Day and the Night “

in art •  2 years ago 



Battle between Light and Darkness. Battle between day and night and at the same time harmony. My favorite time of all twenty four hours.

©2018 Маrtin Angelo. All rights reserved.

The image published in this post is my original digital artwork. Thank you for watching.

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Beautiful image, upvoted :)
I wonder why this image have so little likes :(

Thank you 😊. I don’t know why. And honestly I don’t care ppl like it or not! I feel free to paint whatever I like the way I like. Art is my personal way in this life. It’s just fun! Sure the money and likes are welcome for the artist, but is not a factor in my life. I guess I am a lucky man to say that. Steemit is a experiment for me. Just sharing my art that’s is going to be alive enough long time on this blockchain platform. It’s is like free decentralized library.

Evil .. angry .. but well executed! :) i liked it.

Awesomeness supreme yo

I really like your art, and hope be like you.
if you do not mind, please visit and advise my art blog.

So wonderful!!! - truly amazing

wow it looks like a very different world!
the vermilion red upward lighting is great, as is the mint green sky showing through the clouds

Fantastic image, I hope to see more of your arts.