Lucid Summer.

in art •  2 years ago  (edited)

Tuscany/Plovdiv summer. It’s a lucid summer! This oil painting is inspired partially by Tuscany and part from another old beautiful architecture from Plovdiv,Bulgaria. I mixed the architecture of this two places in one. I find similarities between Tuscany and the old city of Plovdiv.The painting it’s inspirational mix from Tuscany and the old Plovdiv where I grow up. It bring to life so many memories Plovdiv is one of the oldest cities in Europe. It is claimed that the city is a contemporary of Troy and Mycenae, but it is more ancient than Rome, Athens and Constantinople.




I hope you enjoyed it!
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Wow superb painting. I like such painting. Are you done any art course? This is very dificult to draw and paint. Because you colored bird and houses so nicely. Well done.

Thank you! I was thinking to teach others in art courses, but i’m more freelance soul. Back in the time I finished one of the greatest art colleges in Europe. And this college is located in the beautiful city of Plovdiv from the painting you see. One of my greatest memories is from that period!

thats cool. welcome.

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Beautiful ♡♡