💫 My series of postcards 💫

in art •  5 months ago

I wonder what people think about the artist, when they look at his work? I wonder how they see me through the prism of my works?

💫I am warm with you 💫

Every child is an artist. The difficulty is to remain an artist, coming out of childhood.

🍕Done it🍕

Eat this piece of pizza 😂 Motivation and pret, just the wrong way 🙈

Drawing is an eternal struggle with self. You do not have a real rival, because the main rival is you. You yourself, who does not like your ideas, your work and your result.

Delicious greeting cards🍩

With you, the soul purrs ❤️

💫 Smile 💫

I'm you phar-phar-phyr

 Интересно, что думают люди о художнике, когда смотрят на его работы? Интересно, как видят меня через призму моих работ? 

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Beautiful cat art


jaja so cute is fanny !how make that omg!


Many thanks!


Great art


"Floating Water Taxi" - in my city there was a flood, here I would have such a car, that would be how to get to the house :)

such a unique and beautiful collection.


thank you! can you draw? =) very nice. Although you can see that you are not a professional artist. But you could betray in this art: warmth, kindness, a clear day. Very cute, I'm delighted!

Wow! Beautiful!!


Many thanks! you posted a very fun photo of the baby on Steemith =)
make me smile

There's no doubt that you're doing great. Keep faith on your talents, none can ignore long your positiveness.

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thanks for your words
Miss you my new friends - it is good that everything is all right

You have great talent of art god may bless you dear.


many thanks!

They do really look amazing by the way

Each one at its beauty :)


many thanks!
The Will to Go ahead in Steemit || The Market is down - We are waiting for the growth of the coin together =)
I hope that the time is coming to this!

Like always amazing post @andrianna,every person is an artist,all he need is an inspiration to get going..


no, not only inspiration!
years of practice, patience, and of course inspiration. Inspiration is always, there can only be a lack of desire to draw or attend laziness =)
by the way, about your post on the topic "What Is Mistake ??"
Everyone is mistaken! Even the greatest scientists!
as they say "learn from mistakes"!

Wow amazing view, really you are so good Artist ..!


many thanks!
you wrote a new poetry)
even Russia was mentioned) but I did not understand in good meaning or not :)) but it's not so important. Good poetry, as always

Great art ...beautiful ..


Thank you!you showed us a very unusual sunset. it would be interesting to see if you describe what felt at that moment, and it's interesting to see more photos =) I liked your photo


Every sunrise brings sunset with him, that's why I called sunset..

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This postcards are beautiful.
It is telling that you are awesome artist.
You are multi talented person...


MAny thanks! you made a beautiful shot. very beautiful mountains and sky


You are welcome friend..
I glad you like my photograph..

Wow Beautiful arts


thanks! You made beautiful photo of a yellow flower =)

All are beautiful


Thank you!
"My Photography: In Nature" - upped


thank you!
you took an image of an insect =) very beautiful photo. I love macro photography for seeing the smallest details.

kro5v5agy9.png They are so cute !! ^_^
Well, maybe I'm hungry but my favourites are the pug with the pizza, and the cupcake painting...LoL

You are always brilliant..

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