Long, but worth it!Even the most beloved occupation can get bored with time.Tiger 💖

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Long, but worth it!

Even the most beloved occupation can get bored with time

Once I had this - I so sketched that I was even bothered with this matter, and I abandoned everything for a couple of months. 

Then I had to force myself to do something at least 😫

The skills were forgotten and the pencil did not obey

Taught by bitter experience, I now always take breaks, for example, on embroidery or books 😌

But I must draw at least an hour or two a day 💖  It seems that time will always be short. 😣 

I decided to distribute free days for drawing and embroidery. In the end, both move extremely slowly 🙈 

Now if you could not sleep, it would be much better 😂 

Tiger 💖

Долго, но того стоит!

Даже самое любимое занятие со временем может надоесть🙈

Однажды у меня было такое - я так зарисовалась, что мне даже надоело это дело, и я забросила все на пару месяцев. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Потом приходилось силой заставлять себя сделать хоть что-то 😫 

Навыки забылись и карандаш не слушался😒

Наученная горькими опытом, я теперь всегда делаю перерывы, например, на вышивку или книги 😌 Но обязательно хотя бы час-два в день рисую 💖 

Кажется, времени всегда будет не хватать 😣 

Решила распределить свободные деньки и на рисование, и на вышивку. В итоге и то, и другое двигается крайне медленно 🙈 

Вот если бы можно было не спать, было бы гораздо лучше 😂  

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Wow excellent drawings @andrianna...!

Great article

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Aaaa so beautiful! it will be more beautiful and great in the end 👌👍👍


thank you! "Entry for: ⭐️ i-TALENT | ROUND 10 | Powered by: @gtg and @curie" - very good =)


many thanks <3

Yes, you're right, keep it up


most of it is ready, so I'll continue =)
did you hurt your foot?


No I did not harm my feet.it was not my feet.

Always good work take time...
Awesome art friend...


thank you! as always you made a beautiful photo of nature

Your choice is nice. Your embroidery work is fine.
Good work my friend.


thank you! I like the photo of the child =) this picture won the contest?

Really your excellent drawings ...i love your art...my dear friend andrianna


thank you very much!as always a photo at the highest level. I like the waterfall. so I can not pass by your photo! and good selfie!

What's the best thing you have yet painted @andrianna

Woww its look real lion 🦁 amazing im big fan of you well done


many thanks!very beautiful photo of flowers)

Nice work

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Nice work

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Beautiful andriana.

I love tiger; ❤😊❤
GREAT Drawing. really adds some drama to this scene. wonderful artwork friend andrianna.


this is not a drawing. I embroider it with threads!

How are you friend..?

wow such an wonderful drawing @andrianna. In your every art you have some specialty with something new.

Hi @andrianna...... You are excellent artist..... Really awesome art..... I like it..... 😍😍😍

I really understand you when you say you just had to leave the work for a couple of months - it can get overwhelming when progress is very slow.

But look at this tiger, it's absolutely amazing! The detail is stunning, the tiger looks very realistic! Well done! :DD