My first Portrait Painting in oils..... after years of Landscape Paintings.

in art •  last year

Hi There

Just a throwback to 2014 when I branched out into painting portraits.
The portrait is of Richard Hunter of the Goolarabooloo in Western Australia.



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He looks like a many with many stories and lots of life. Amazing work - thanks for sharing.

Awesome looks like a photo.
Very characteristic faces you choose.
Love it!

its really awesome !! followed you

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Your work is amayzing, very expressive and full off live! thanks for sharing!


Welcome, happy you enjoyed.

That is really solid. I love the expression you captured in his face.

Andrew, fantastic...the best art I've seen here on Steemit yet! This post is seriously undervalued in my opinion. But I know some of its subjective. I am a professional portrait painter and I work in acrylic. So I truly appreciate realism done well.

What I like about this painting is that it is realistic, but not photorealistic. It still retains a great deal of painterly expressiveness, but you've nailed the color temperatures, the values, and form. I love the wrinkles you captured in the subject.

Again, incredible job. Upvoted, following, and resteemed!


Wow, really appreciate the comment and actions.
Thank you!

You are a great artist!

Amazing portrait @andrew.tischler. Look forward to seeing more of your work in my feed from now on! :)

Hope you're day is going well buddy!


Thanks @tonyr , very busy but a great day!

Very impressive