imagenes tattoos faces by andreasalas

in #art3 years ago

Hello beautiful community, here I present some of my drawings for tattoo sketches from my private collection. I hope you like it as much as I do. we can appreciate the face of an Egyptian tomb, some demons, and other symbols.

You have many different colors and you have to admit that they are very good and eligible when it comes to tattooing.


Hola hermosa comunidad, aqui les presento unos de mis dibujos para bocetos de tatuajes de mi coleccion privada, espero les agrade tanto como a mi. podemos apreciar la cara de una tumba egipcia, algunos demonios, y otras simbologias.
Tienes muchos colores diversos y hay que admitir que son muy buenos y elegibles a la hora de tatuarse.

faces tattoo.jpeg

I hope you liked these sketches of tattoos, if you want to see more can vicitar my blog @andreasalas

Espero les haya gustado estos bocetos de tatuajes , si quieren ver mas pueden vicitar my blog @andreasalas


Really cool!!! the colors are awesome. They also look great together as a sheet for your tattoo portfolio.

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