Folk Art Colouring Contest #29....!!!! COLORFUL UNICORN

in #art5 years ago

st 5.jpg

A world full of little horses with a horn? Nah, a whale with a horn is more likely right? Do you know what a NARVAL is? Questions that don't get to the point.
Unicorns always caught my attention and I wanted to give it a color like chewing gum. I really like pink chewing gum and candies. See his horn, I know you want to lick it.
In my country, the national tree is called Araguaney. Most of the year is a common tree, but when May comes it is covered with bright yellow flowers and provides a beautiful spectacle during sunset, when it is touched by the orange sun rays.
Imagine being walking during a May afternoon under a forest of these trees and suddenly seeing a candy unicorn walking towards you.


Join me to see a little step by step.

st 0.jpg

st 1.jpg

st 2.jpg

st 3.jpg

If you want to participate in this fantastic contest I invite you to follow @deemarshall



have a great day

A strawberry unicorn or a bubble gum unicorn? I'll choose the strawberry and you have the bubblegum :)

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