LIke you do cover of some song, I did cover to the master piece of Vincent Willem van Gogh-"The Starry Night"(original work)

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Copy of original painting "Starry Night"

I always had a dream of seeing Van Gogh
Van Gogh is an inspiration to all modern art.
The art in which you can see the emotions more than the picture, you can feel the person who drew the painting.
Paintings such as: "Sorrowing Old Man "
"The Potato Eaters" "Sunflowers"
They are a milestone in the life of every artist.
It took me two weeks to work on the painting in acrylic paint.
I know this is a painting that someone has already painted but I felt like I was painting it myself.

more from Van Gogh, the one I like the most:


לוגו מאריאנארט.png


מה, אתה ציירת את הציור שבמסגרת בתמונה הראשונה?!
זה די מדהים, לעיניי הלא מנוסות - זה מאוד מזכיר את .המקור, והמסגרת הופכת הכל למרשים יותר
אני אוהב ציורים מציאותיים כאלו, אבל גם אומנות כזו היא יפה והדמיון למקור נותן עוד נופך מגניב.

לא ידעתי שאתה גם מצייר, סחטיין!

כן אני ציירתי :)

the picture is very interesting! she drew talent.

Exactly when people do cover of other songs,only thing we want is justice with the song. Here in this art form same is expected and you Nailed it

Awesome ! This is another very creatively thought up artwork.
Keep it up you did some really genius and
I am wait to see your next post dear @amiramnoam
have a good day mem

Great work! The style and intent of van gogh was precisely that of arousing eternal emotions through the vibration of colors. Very beautiful and majestic even the cypress that you painted, you are making a beautiful tribute to a master of modern painting, congratulations, keep it up @amiramnoam ! I also recommend watching the movie Loving Vincent, if you have not seen it yet :)

Acrylic ones' are almost time taking..You really put your imagination at its best through your hands brother..This is astonishing as it gets, and to make others art is more difficult, as you have to do justice with it..And here you completely do that

Really great article I made a good choice my dear friend

Hello amiramnoam, I always wait your post because you always featuring new things

Wow !!
Amazing art..
All of those art are good ..
But i think, this one is best...

he has never sold paintings during his lifetime, he has been waiting to be understood, but has not been understood; and nowadays it is one of the two best sellers of reproductions on the world.
I have had the opportunity to show cezanne through his gallery, which is known as tanguy father, but he has made 'madum, these are crazy picture interpretations' about the pictures he saw in his cezanne.

van-googh-1-e1488396471819.jpg own these great pictures

Beautiful!!! Keep the good work!!!!

I love his paintings. There are some master pieces of his at the Louvre too. The second one is fabulous. Thanx for sharing :-)

Van Gogh is one of my favorite painters. I was very fortunate to visit the Van Gogh museum when I was in Amsterdam. One of the high-lites of my life. The color was just amazing. Your copy looks amazing. Really beautiful:)

the work is beautiful and very professioanl, im glad for that sucess , could you tell me the secret of all thoese upvots thats really impressive , im having a hard start i need some encouragment and i belive in this beautiful community

excellent art.looks very beautiful.thanks for sharing.

These are nice collections. They look beautiful

Excellent work, the works of van Gogh have that magical art that very few people understand, for me is one of the masters of light and color, the gesture that expresses each stain and brushstroke makes us move to those landscapes and contexts as if we lived there.

Excellent art!!!👍

That was really beautiful ......

If I choose to write on this great works of art then it’d take me such a long time admiring and commending on the photos . But I should be straight and frank. This as you’ve said are inspiration not only to modern artists and to those who appreciate good work of art. These are really beautiful

Wow,nice art,thanks for sharing

amazing pictures

Awesome painting

This is so beautiful
You're really talented

Nice picture. That like profesional do.

omg... what a beautiful art , I have never seen such art, thank you for sharing this post

Well done..I like your new cover..Really artistic work..

The tiny flowers are blooming to freedom...

I had no idea you are an artist, great work!

a beautiful work of art and emotion implicitly united in the painting, implied Grief Old Man "
"Potato Eaters" "Sunflower".
After I read your post, I became aware that Van Gogh is a true artist to be an inspiration to all the modern art that exists today. They are the pillars of history in the lives of every human being in the world. we must respect and thank them.

Van gogh, I read quite a lot about him in the books I use to read in those days. I have never really studied him they you did. Perhaps I will do that soon thanks for the good content.

What a great work! I also painted this one! (i posted it here in my blog steemit)

OMG it is stunning! Vincent Van Gogh is my favorite artist of all time. he has been through a lot but his works always shows the beauty that he sees in this world. I actually made a t-shirt of starry night because i couldn't afford one so I just made my own ❤️


I like your opinion.and i share your post

a very beautiful painting of my friend, this is a work of art made with feelings. artists who have a very high artistic soul. thank you for sharing with us friends.

Saw Van Gogh when I was in Amsterdam. He's so much different than others artists form that age. The colors on his drawings are out of this world. Great job with the "cover" man :)

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Thanks for sharing Van Gogh :) Appreciate your post!

Excelente post, muy interesante. Gracias por compartir.

Vincent van Gogh's paintings have always instilled so much emotion as you try to understand the paintings, I completely understand the urge to paint it yourself. It must have been an overwhelming rush of emotions! It looks really good! Great work @amiramnoam



Impressive work! How long did it take you to finish it?

nice blog :)

Well just hearing about Vincent willen Van Gogh for the first time and I must say that I am captivated by his paintings didn't do a bad job with the copy you did. You are talented yourslef . Loving your version of the drawing already.

these are lovely artworks...kudos mate

good post, and you deserve the dream you want, sorry, I'm new in steemit, will you help to improve my ranking? thank you.@fatemah

I love Vincent van Gogh, very nice work! the style is quite precise

Wow, Very Good Paintings. The reflection of lights on the water are just look too good.

Oh Van gogh sure is amazing. His paintings are so beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing this :)
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