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in art •  last year

My sister volunteers teaching English as a second language to asylum seekers. In November, she took her conversation club to visit my Grandad's art exhibition. This is the video I made about the trip.

Conversation clubs are a great way for English learners to practise speaking and listening skills. They often also provide a great opportunity for learners to socialise and learn in more unusual ways.

On 29th November Barnsley YMCA Conversation Club visited the Gordon Snee exhibition and tried doing some artwork of their own. We spoke to Mohammed about the trip.

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Such an abstract way to learn, I love it. I admire your video editing skills. I went through the struggle of putting my first video today but learned a lot. cheers

Yo you should use Dtube as the first tag or dtube exclusive if it is not uploaded to youtube . This way you can get a vote from Dtube


Oh really? I didn't even know!

I like your grandfather's work! thats great. you edited the video beautifully. i wish i would have stopped by earlier to upvote
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Thank you so much!

I love his art, my flat is full of it. He was a master of colour.

Don't worry about the upvote.

I actually have another video coming soon about my Grandad's art. It's of the same exhibition but it's a video of the closing party. We had a pianist come and do a little concert and I got my mum to watch my video and record a commentary so it's got her talking about the art and my grandad which is pretty interesting. You might like that :) I'm waiting on music from the pianist so not sure when it'll go live.