I gave up

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Many people know how I spend time after a trip to Rome. I can’t draw, laugh for days, cry at night ... and go to vocal classes at any free moment ... and now it's 8 hours a week 😆🙈. For a professional artist, this is not enough, for me - twice as much as usual ... And all this time I think "what next"? And I so driven myself with these thoughts, that it ceased to exist any more. I was drowned in emotions, and Monologue Tsvetaeva appeared in my playlist ....

And so it got me that I gave up one night ... And I took a bright yellow marker and sat down to draw a picture from photo. Just like that, without analysis, without any rhythms / prospects. And I realized that in the pursuit of knowledge and something there that is waiting for me further, I lost "today." And I need to live not yesterday, not tomorrow, but now ... Otherwise, what's the point? 🧐

Do you often let go of yourself just to create? Without goals, hopes, prospects?

All my paintings can be bought for sbd/steem

Thank you for watching!


P.S. It is hard to write in English, because my native language is Russian. But I'm learning. If you notice serious errors in the text that interfere with the correct perception, please let me know about them.


Beautiful work! It sounds like going on instinct really helped you let go and create something gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you!) May be so)


Oh! don't say the word give up. Give it some time everything will be fine soon.
Your art is wonderful. :Love:

Thank you) Words of support are very important.


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Darling, your art it's beautiful, and I get what you say. Sometimes you just need use art as something therapeutic, don't expect, just be. I guess you gave up to that? If is not like that, and you are giving up on art, please don't, what you do is amazing.

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Thank you)) Yes, it was to art. I stopped drawing and did not draw for a couple of weeks.

It's so important as a 'creative' to live in the present moment. Sometime the creator in you will want to do other things other than draw or paint ~ But then sometimes the 'creator' in you will want to draw and paint. To go with the flow of what's best, we have to just be in the present moment. Then no matter what we do ~ It will be the best we can do ~ And at the end of the day ~ We will have no regrets. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

Yes, I agree)) Better to do than to do nothing.

I love all of these pieces so very much!!! They are beautiful! The line work is amazing and the colors are splendid! What a great souvenir of your travels, and I am sure these would sell if you wanted to sell prints of them! This is the most charming artwork I have seen all week, definitely! 😊

I did not think about selling prints)) It's a good idea! Thank you!)

Do you often let go of yourself just to create? Without goals, hopes, prospects?

I can't say I do... Maybe once in a while, but definetely not often.

Thanks for sharing your gorgeous artworks with us. 😃

Thank you for you answer. Sometimes it's enough just to think about it.

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