Deep Neural Analogies

in art •  last year

Finally got some interesting results out of the code example Microsoft research released for their Visual Attribute Transfer through Deep Image Analogy paper.

Don't have time to go into details but I'll do a writeup on this later, for now I just wanted to share some results.



Style image
"miss universe" by Silvia Pelissero

Reverse style

Result with the old algorithm (using neural-style-tf) for the same inputs

Turns out to be really hard to get the output you're looking for, have to get the parameters and style/content image combo exactly right. Here's some of the more interesting failure cases:





Have a nice weekend!

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wow, I wasn't quite getting how cool this is until I visited the github repo! geez, pretty amazing stuff.


Yeah the evolution speed of the neural style algorithms are mind-blowing

Interesting results! I also want to do some experiments using these techs.

Thanks for sharing this news : ) really excited to see the advancement of AI tech. Being one of the leaders in the tech industry, Microsoft has been doing a lot of researches in AI. The papers published by Microsoft Research are nice. There seems to be a lot of state-of-the-art applications of AI on art work. Would be nice to see more about this

Wow, I don't even have words to describe how amazing this looks!

So amazing! Great work

very nice art of work Followed waiting for more great stuff from you :)

wow that's great! could you check out my account??

I like it! :)

Are these images generated by a program? Thank you for you efforts to provide us value :) You have a new follower. I will appriciate it if you follow me too :))


Thanks, yeah they are generated by an artificial intelligence, check paper linked if you're interested :)

I can't say I understand the logic behind it. But the results look promising. I am not sure that I am the only human commenting that by the way. :))


Haha yeah many bots on here now. You seem real though :)

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Wow, awesome! Hadn't seen this -- I'll definitely be exploring it on my own I think... Could be really cool to combine my interests in art, photography and programming all in one. Draw/paint an image, take a photo, and combine them with this? Sounds sweet to me!

Amazing stuffs.. Nice pictures