We Draw The Letters Contest: N

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The letter N as a graffiti on an urban street wall. That is the plan I have in my mind while I was trying to conceptualize the look I will show for this round of the We Draw The Letters Contest by @ran.koree before I forget here is the link to the contest so you can read about the rules and join


Still contemplating whether to use yellow or not at this stage of my drawing. Since I am unsure yet I put the yellow color to sit in the background first and wait while I busied myself forming the shape of the letter N
Using an ultra light color like this yellow could be limiting and tricky. I could not use any color aside from a dark shade of any color or black and that is what I did here. I used black to give my line drawing a base color. I am a bit worried as it starts to look predictably boring
Time to fine tune my drawing. I started detailing the shape of my letter by giving it some sharp edges and unexpected cuts or tears I think that helped define my look. The upper part of the letter became boxy in appearance and I love it but restraining myself from overdoing it. To give depth to the letter I gave it some blue and red highlights that look like chalk.
Last is deciding on the background. It was a debate between white or any color close to yellow. Golden yellow won but it kind of looks bland so these cute dog doodles are added to finish the look.

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