Tiny paintings series by Allowistic Artist

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I picked up these tiny canvas thanks to my patreon supporters


I am enjoying painting small as it brings my awareness to the infinite possibilities per square inch.
Painting small allows the freedom to explore ideas quickly as well and just play.


One little dab of paint goes a long way. I noticed it only takes a tiny little dab of paint and there is still some left over after exploring all I can in one little session. This is a good way to explore on a budget.


Limited pallet of color is rewarding, I tend to try and throw every color at a painting so this time I decided to slow down and limit the color pallet and work with one color at a time and let the layers build.


Many forms and shades take form as my brush plays on these tiny little canvas. The expression of the analog brush brings my awareness to how much more rewarding it can be to paint by hand over painting by computer. The way the brush can make so many different variations of marks is fun to explore.


Lucy as mermaid commission painting I am building it up in layers. Thinking of how she will look under water and letting it develop slowly more like water color than acrylic. Well that is all for now. I am working on a setup so I can record and share my paintings as I am doing them. See you soon.

Thank you for viewing my art in progress



Tiny canvas are so fun... you can do a bunch of individual pieces , or join them all up into one larger piece. Really liking the color pallet you go going on, gives a real earthy/ dreamy feel. Can't wait to see them all done :)

Thank you the color pallet is giving it an interesting dynamic there are so many shades that can come out of these colors. I have more to explore for sure.

very beautiful your art, I hope to continue seeing more publications like this

Thank you I am posting all of my art on here going forward.

This is cute. I wanna try tiny canvases now..

You should they are a lot of fun!

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