Red dance in a sky of turquoise a painting by Allowistic Artist

in #art6 years ago


Like red clouds dancing in the turquoise sky these forms flow from my brush and expand on the canvas


Flow of contrasting color excites my eye I take the painting and swing it with my arm to use the momentum to pull the paint revealing unique patterns of flow.


Some fun playing outside of the brush. Paint flow mixed with gravity and centrical force. I felt the urge to explore other ways of moving paint.


The red is applies directly from the tube like a phat marker the thick paint is slow to move.


I am happy with the final result of this painting session I am not sure if I will add more paint to it after it dries. We will have to wait and see what it says to me.

Thank you for taking the time to follow my art process as the flow of paintings come through.


No Doubt about this that its Painting Great Result and great Drawing or Painting. Just Impressing.

glad you like it :)

Its a Cute arts. Wow Really I'm Impressed! Thank You for share this .

I am happy you find wonder in it. :) you make it worth sharing

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