Lucy the mermaid painting by Allowistic Artist

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Painting on tiny canvas is a way to increase your awareness of the potential of every square inch of canvas.


For this painting I used my tiny laser projector to cast the image on the canvas giving me a reference of the original image and was also a test to see if it is possible to project such a small image.


Smart Beam Laser projector

The focus is from one foot to infinity this cool little projector can make an image 20 foot wide.


Here is my reference photo of Lucy.


She is so cute it is an honor to do this painting for my friend Andrea she is blessed with a beautiful family.


Thank you for stopping by the Allowistic islands to share in the creative flow.

Allowistic Artist
Vincent Wilhelm Vaughn Strader


Nice art work.... The painting was perfect
#Brain at work

Thank you I am having fun painting.

Yo, awesome work! It's funny how after seeing the finished mermaid, how much she really looked like a mermaid in the original. Great stuff as always man!

Thanks @herbertholmes This is just a work in progress update. I will do much more painting on it, and yes the photo is what inspired the painting. She is just so cute in that little outfit. So I wanted to make a tiny painting of her to share with her mother.

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