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Hello steem!
Today lm gonna post about the Universal Monsters back piece that lm working on,
This past weekend l finished the wolfman part of it,even tho l still have to put some sky in it,but l rather wait for that since l wann asee how much room l have to put Frankenstein and his bride.
So after I finished the Wolfman,it was time to start with another character..this time it was the Prince of darkness himself Dracula!
I really wanna give this back piece a very 70s/80s feel,kind like the illustrations you would get in pinball machines or candy wraps.
Here´s a bit of the process I took
First of all I made a rough sketch
Then I cleaned it a bit and went over it with a different colour pencil tool.
Then I added some shadding
Then I put all the layers together to see how it looks
Hope you like it!
I will post the tattoo process when l finish the piece.
Have a great day everyone!

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You wrote that you were aiming for a 70's pinball feel and I think you nailed it. There's something about the style that I can't consciously pinpoint which really makes me want to plonk down some quarters. I can almost hear the clack of the paddles, too. You also did a really great job of evoking Bela without resorting to a simple copy of his likeness.


Thank you very much! Im glad you guys can see what l was trying to achieve!
I’ll post a colored version soon! Have a great one! 🧛🏻‍♂️

Mission accomplished! Great artwork and I instantly thought about ... what a cool 80s feel ... then I read your intention, amazing cool.
Thank you very much and have a great day!!!


Thanks so much!
Can’t wait to colour it now! I might try and emulate some black light effect to it! 💀


That will for sure look very cool!!
Can't wait to see the progress. Have a great week!!

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