10 Most Famous Sculptures In The World [part 2]

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Previously, i have discuss about 5 from 10 most famous sculptures in the world, like mannekin pis, discobolus, and the other. Today i will discuss the rest of them. Let's check it out guys... 

6. Moses

Image : Moses

Michelangelo Buonarroti really is a renowned artist. Therefore, Pope Julius II (Head of the Catholic Church of 1503), asked Michelangelo to make his grave. In the end, Michelangelo successfully completed the request and made several sculptures with The Moses at the top. In the final result, Moses is placed under and positioned in the center.

The Moses itself is a sculpture depicting a biblical figure that we know better by the name of Moses. This statue has a horn on its head, this is because in the Latin translation of the Bible when it was indeed Moses is depicted like that.

7. Pieta

Image : Pieta

One of the other works from Michelangelo. The Pieta portrays a Virgin Mary figure embracing his son, Jesus Christ. If you do not really know the name Virgin Mary, then maybe you know the name Mary, Jesus Mother in the Bible.There is a unique story that tells the story of Michelangelo. Before he carved the statue of The Pieta, he was not a famous artist. He was only a young man, who then in 1498 was asked to make a statue depicting Mary's embrace of his son. From this one sculpture, in just 2 years, Michelangelo name is known everywhere and has produced one of the most beautiful carvings ever in history.

8. The Thinker

Image : The Thinker

In my post yesterday may have seen the name Auguste Rodin as an artist who sculpt the statue of The Kiss. Yes, here Auguste Rodin managed to sculpt a statue of a masterpiece that is more famous than the previous statue, The Thinker. This statue has also been discussed in my previous post

It is a statue originally intended to depict a poet named Dante in the poem Gates of Hell. Rodin created many statues that each carvings depict the characters in the poem. The Thinker is intended to depict Dante in front of the Gates of Hell (Gates of Hell is one of Rodin's sculptures as well and is the title of Dante's poem).

But who would have thought the statue of The Thinker even became a famous masterpiece and raised the name Auguste Rodin, not the last carving titled Gates of Hell.

9. David

Image : David

Another masterpiece of Michaeangelo in this list is David. It is estimated to be made from 1501 to 1504. It describes a man standing naked. This man himself portrays a biblical figure named David (The Story of Goliath and David).

Once the sculpture was finished, everyone in Florence celebrated it and its symbolism of power was greatly praised. At first the statue was placed in a public square outside the Palazzo Della Signoria, until it was transferred to the Gallery of Academia (Galleria dell'Academia) in Florence. The replica statue was then made to be placed at the Palazzo Della Signoria.

10. Venus de Milo

Image : Venus de Milo

This sculptured statue depicts the Goddess of Venus. In Roman mythology, Venus is a Goddess of Love and Beauty. Made in about 100 to 130 BC. Venus itself may be more familiar to us as the Aphrodite, Goddess in Greek mythology. Until now it is not clear who the artist who carved it. Uniquely, this statue was found accidentally on the farm.

Some people believe that if his arm is found, then his arm will hold the glass in one hand and a shield in the other. But no one knows the certainty until now, maybe the mystery behind the arm and the sculptor is what makes this statue has its own interest. You can see this statue in the Louvre Museum, Paris.

And there's the 10 most famous sculptures in the world part 2. If anything goes wrong from my post please mention it in the comments. Hope you like it and don't forget to upvote and follow @AllAboutArts for more informative and interesting things about art. See you next post guys...

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