The second experiment with graphite powder

in art •  5 months ago


This one didn't go as I was expecting, mainly because I used a sandpaper to get rid of the brush marks in the gesso. Sanding it made the surface more porous, which means I didn't have too many patterns to play with, because the water with graphite got absorbed in the gesso instead of playing on the surface. And the brush marks are still there, because I didn't have enough patience when sanding :) So I thought about making some eyes first...



When the eyes were done, I kept looking, but I couldn't see much... It kind of looked like I was in a cave with arcades and columns, looking outside.


Then I had to imagine what could be outside... I and couldn't resist adding some faces in the clouds :)


I wasn't very happy with the process either. The sanding made it harder to remove the graphite from the gesso. Maybe next time I want to use the sandpaper, I will polish it afterwards and try to get a smoother surface.

Off to the next one now, hopefully with more patience :)

This drawing is 31x39cm, graphite on gessoed board.

Take care and be creative!

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excellent work congratulations!


Thank you!

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Thank you!

i love this, @alina.iftime ! so mystical and beautiful~ the faces are all very interesting, and the eyes are beautifully done <3 and i love the textures, all the layers!

.... i think you should try the sandpaper! maybe you will get a smoother surface :>


Thank you! I did use the sandpaper, but it made the surface more porous. I think I should have sanded it with different types of sandpaper and use something else to polish it in the end, but for that, the gesso layer had to be thicker, and my patience bigger :) For a really smooth surface I might need the clayboard.

Fantastic work! Amazing details, I love the dark mood, You have my upvote and Follow! Thanks for sharing, great gallery You have already!


Thank you very much! Nice to discover your photography, I like it!

Amazing! The eyes are so captivating; nice job! I hope you keep experimenting with graphite powder :)

Wonderful Artwork!

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Thank you very much!

Your work was HIGHLIGHTED on our blog... Keep Art alive :)


Thank you very much!


Welcome! Keep shining :)