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Epilogue. The girl was crying. Yesterday, June 17, 2018 on the platform of the metro station "Palats Sporta". She leaned against the wall and, crying with someone on the phone, sobbed. As a child - totally living his grief. Do not be shy about passing people who walked the usual stream.

And the subway creates all the conditions to just pass by. In a person who does otherwise, a large internal resource. And such a person was found. After a while, next to the girl was already a guy, perhaps a passer-by, perhaps a native person. He gave her support.

And support in its various forms is extremely necessary for many. And now and at any other time.
Festival. And an island of such support was created by the art-playboy team of the festival "Together".
3 days in the center of Kiev, in the premises of the Taras Shevchenko National Museum, the interior of which already by itself leave a pleasant impression.

And in any room, the atmosphere is set by people. And Natalia Vainilovich (nataliia vainilovych) with her team filled the space:

• Acceptance - everyone was accepted as he is.
And it does not matter what limitations, features, advantages or disadvantages a person has. Physical, external or internal. Everyone was given a place.
• Support - participants were cared for, creating conditions, thinking through the program. For all comers, a banquet was organized, thanks to the support of the Auchan hypermarket.
• Freedom - free entry and exit, with master classes and the whole festival, the absence of any limiting factors for moving.

• Organization - as well as at the master classes, the vigilant workers of the museum monitored the safety of the exhibits and parquet, and the team of the organizers invisibly controlled the process, allowing the festival to pass smoothly.

It is not necessary to wait a whole year until the next festival, Natalia Vainilovich (nataliia vainilovych) has other projects in which you can take part.

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