Fahrenheit 451: The temperature at which paper burns, the culture of the "homo videns" and Bradbury's advice

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The original piece of art from which this edit was made was found on Pinterest.
The composed artwork above was made by me, (@Alejohannes). Feel free to use it! And please reference this post.

The political scientist Giovanni Sartori explains in one of his most famous works, "Homo Videns", the way that culture has changed and we (Western Society) have become the Society of Show. The spirit of men has been moved: from participation and understanding of the world around us, to the urging of the spectator who wants to be entertained.

Ray Bradbury synthesizes that preoccupation in his majestic novel Fahrenheit 451.

In the dystopian futuristic world this story takes place, books are banned, reading them is a crime payed with death and the work of the firemen has become burning their pages to ashes. That is Fahrenheit 451: The temperature at which paper burns.

Why so much aversion to books?

Because people is supposed to be happy and books... Books are dangerous!! Books make people think and thinking too much can cause them to strive from that state of mind... And now we are impulsed to think:

What if I believe there is something behind the artificial screen of endless monosyllabic shows wall that (literally in this book) surrounds my whole life?

Then, I become a free man, cannot be controlled anymore and will have the power to tear that wall down as I reach for knowledge!

The thematic of this treasure of literature is a scream shouted at contemporary humankind. I strongly encourage you to read it. Read it profoundly. Read it with all your senses. And, following Bradbury's ultimate advice...


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