"Luxury life" bronze sculpture

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vie de chateau.jpg

Ca fait un moment que je n'ai plus rien publié sur Steemit et j'ai du mal à suivre mon fil d'actualité par manque de temps.
J'ai plusieurs pièces en cours mais comme elles ne sont pas terminées je vais présenter aujourdhui un travail plus ancien.
Il s'agit d'un crâne surmonté d'un château.
Cette pièce a été réalisée en 2013. Elle mesure 58 x 30 x 40 cm .Elle est entièrement constituée ,à mon habitude , de bronzes anciens assemblés par soudure. La finition est une peinture blanche.
Le titre "Luxury life" est une traduction approximative en Anglais du titre Français "Vie de château"

It's been a while since I have not published anything on Steemit and I have trouble keeping up with my news feed for lack of time.
I have several pieces in progress but as they are not finished I will present today an older work.
It is a skull surmounted by a castle.
This piece was made in 2013. It measures 58 x 30 x 40 cm .It consists entirely of old bronzes assembled by welding. The finish is a white paint.
The title "Luxury life" is an approximate English translation of the French title "Vie de château"


Thank you for your votes , comments and sharings

Merci pour vos votes , commentaires et partages

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The second skull was really scary looking

Thanks. You mean the Gif at the end?

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yes and thanks a lot steemrepo

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Thanks a lot c-squared !

Another masterpiece for me to share!
I was wondering already about your absence - but glad to hear you are working. Looking forward to your new works once finished!

Thanks Otto, you're my lucky star :-) I can't find enough time to follow networks but i try ...Time is so precious . I'd like to find a network wich would give time instead of money :-)

...as I wrote before I prefer the natural rusty colors to the final white? but...

I understand your taste , and you're not alone but... :-)

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Wow this is one of my favs of yours that I have seen so far. The white coat really transformed it. This would make a fantastic setting in a fantasy story if it was gigantic in proportion. Really love this. Cheers - Carl

Thanks a lot carlgnash , yes it's surreal

wow, what an incredible work! I think I would have preferred it without the white paint, cause the bronze is so beautiful, but it looks great either way!! A very deserved resteem, follow and upvote from here <3

Beautiful work! Love it!

Phénoménal, comme d'habitude.

Merci, comme d'habitude :-)


this is simply amazing ! love the design and the intricate detailing is just out of this world * ___ *

the step by step is also super awesome omg * ___ * love this so much <33

Thanks a lot veryspider ! I try very often to show how how my works are done

would love to see more from you <3 very gorgeous art !!

Thanks veryspider. You can see what i've already published . I don't publish very often but others will come.

Wow, very inspiring work! And so detailed, I love it!

thanks artbynadine !

Tout simplement sublime ! On imagine pas tout le temps passer à réaliser une telle oeuvre ! Upvoté à 100% !

Merci francosteemvotes ! Effectivement c'est une école de patience

What a fantastic work this is!

Thanks maysi-art

Ohhhhh god! This is great! Simply awesome, upvote, follow and resteem!

Thanks a lot skrytorio !

Oh wow...quel travail, c'est impressionnant ! ...et magnifique ;-)

Wow! It's look fantastic! You really talented!
I'll follow you, and I will be happy if you follow to my blog. I hope we will be friends;)

Thanks, nice works!

This is breathtakingly beautiful. SO amazing. I love the idea of the assemblage of this piece!

WOW - what a cool Sculpture - superb- well done TOP :-)

Thanks yoogyart!

@alain-bellino you were flagged by a worthless gang of trolls, so, I gave you an upvote to counteract it! Enjoy!!

superb. When I have amassed enough wealth, I will have to commission you to build me a royal crown with which to rule over the hippopotamus tree. Yours is a talent worthy of a sovereign

Thank you your lordship :-)