New work #5: Zo Zorg - Corporate Identity

in art •  6 months ago

Made using Adobe CC.

Zo Zorg is a recruiter that finds jobs for people in healthcare. Check out their website here.

With kind regards,

Post Script

I also regularly post Free Steemit Graphics like the animated dividers you can find scattered throughout this post. If you would like to check them out or use them, feel free to do so.

If you do choose to use these files I would greatly appreciate a re-steem!
And if you post a link to my blog below the posts in which you use these Free Steemit Graphics, I would be forever grateful. The link would preferably look like this:
Free Steemit Graphics by: @aka-alias


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Very nice and clean!


Thank you!
Your avatar is disconcerting. I can appreciate that :)