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Hello first mind I would like to thank @jacintasevilla , for this art competition but also for the conservation awareness of marine species especially dolphins and whales.
I present to you the "Pink river dolphin O Inia geoffrensis" which is the largest freshwater cetacean in the world. It reaches lengths of up to 2.80 m and weighs 180 kg. Its color is variable, generally when it is born it is dark gray and as it grows it can stay the same or present a great variation from gray to pink. Robust, hydrodynamic and very flexible body.
Inia geoffrensis is widely distributed in the Orinoco River basin and in all its tributaries.
The main known threats faced by Inia geoffrensis include habitat alteration due to dam construction, as well as water pollution (due to mining and hydrocarbon exploitation) and river traffic and deaths from interaction with local fisheries.
I hope you like it and a thousand blessings to all of you


delfin paso 2.jpg

delfin rosado-paso1.jpg

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The art really represents a lots of story ..This is not just an art this is a lesson from which especially human beings should learn and think about these faithful species

Thank you all species deserve the care and respect

This is really good tbh! I also love how you presented the info! Thank you so much for your entry!

thanks to you for your comment