Professional Wall Art #2

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Hey guys!

So, today I have some more pictures from one of the wall paintings that I , @ayushijain and @komal had made. You can check out my previous post on wall art here.

This was a client- based project and was the first one for us! We were very thrilled and a little nervous at the same time as this was something we had never tried before.

But we decided to give it a shot!

We had to paint 3 walls for a restaurant with the theme as "Punjab". We had to give the essence of Punjab in the paintings.
Punjab is a state in northern India and there is a lot of influence of Punjab where I live. The songs in particular are extremely popular! With the help of team work we were able to create these paintings and each wall has something which is very popular in Punjab.





Rough sketch for the design on the wall


Checking proportions




I tried to make a complete time-lapse video of the entire thing but it got disrupted so many times that I had to stop.


We got a chance to explore what we could do with oil paints and emulsion. The first coat was left overnight to dry as oil paints generally require some time compared to emulsion which dries up in minutes. The difference being oil paints have a shine and emulsions don't.

Also, Oil paints are a little hard to control and have greater chance of dripping. But nevertheless, the combination of both gave an interesting effect to the overall painting. I had never thought that doodling with oil paint would be something I would do but it was so much fun!


On this wall we used some jokes, famous dialogues and songs and made some doodles.








Here we showed the love of riding bikes in Punjab along with some quote. I understand the language a little bit and that too verbally. Some of our friends helped us out with the writing because we didn't want any mistakes there :)





I felt very grateful for getting this opportunity as this was a whole other experience for us. It took us around 3-4 days to complete these paintings.. It definitely boosted our confidence to work in a larger scale without being hesitant. As always this was a great learning experience for me :) Thank you for taking a look and let me know what you guys think!

Lots Of Love <3

Keep Creating

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Hehe thanx :)

really nice..


Wow, great art.....loved it.


Thank you @looftee :)

Wow! That's really really amazing. Great work! :D


awhh! Thanks a lot :)

The beard and the turban look majestic, and about the bullet, I always think that it is the National Bike of Punjab, lol. It looks amazing.

I think all the artworks are amazing except the man in wearing a turban and a lungi; he doesn't look quite like a Punjabi. He should have been fat and tall, sorry for stereotyping Punjabis but that's how Punjabis look.


Heheh thanks a lot for the feedback.
Of course we had very little knowledge about how some things were to be done. We took some opinions from our friends who were punjabi as well! We were actually trying to make a kid in the black outfit but didn't end up looking the way we thought he would lol :P
Thanks for taking the time to visit, Cheers :)


To be honest I do not know anything about art but I shared whatever I felt.

Keep painting and keep sharing. :P


Always appreciate honest feedback! :)

Very nice artwork. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks a lot! 🙂

Great @aishwarya You Are Amazing Artist.


Thank you for your kind words :)


You Are Welcome :)


Well done! :)


Thank you :)

Love what you have done with the place


Thanks a lot! Appreciate it :)

Fantastic work. The drawings will brightened up the restaurant. I would like to thank you for your encouraging message for my autistic artwork. I like to inform you that my son and I have done another collaboration and I have mentioned your name in the post.


Thanks a lot! :)
Will check out the post soon! :)


You are welcome, my friend.

AMAZING!!! If I could upvote this a million times I would. As someone who is Punjabi this is so cool. I'm new here to Steemit (I am YouTuber making videos in English, Punjabi and Hindi) nice to see more Indian ladies on here. Following you now!


Wow! Thanks a ton :)
Great to see you here, followed you back!


Thanks so much! ❤️

u r fantastic ;u take ideas from daily and common stuffs but it look amazing . true artist. it shows how well u r connected with ur surrounding ........ well done


wow! thanks for your kind words :)
Glad you enjoyed them!

Nice post upvoted and followed.....please follow back @superkrish