A beautiful Sunday with David Hockney at Salts Mill Gallery--美丽的星期天享受艺术家David Hockney的春天系列

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A few weeks ago, it was renowned artist David Hockney's 80th birthday. There was a big celebration party in the artist's hometown Bradford, West Yorkshire, England. On the way to the party, I had a car accident. Fortunately, nobody was hurt, unfortunately, I missed the party and my car was almost damaged.

Salts Mill at Leeds Liverpool canal

Today it's a beautiful Sunday. We decided to go to David's hometown to see his 'arrival of spring' at Salts Mill 1853 Gallery. Salts Mill is a former textile mill, now an art gallery. The mill was build by Sir Titus Salt in 1853. When completed, it was the largest industrial building in the world by total floor area. You still can see big influence of Salt's empire in the village. The mill closed in 1986, and subsequently converted to an art gallery. I like the idea of converting old buildings to art galleries or restaurants. It preserve the historical buildings and at the same time provides old charms to the new place.

Old mill machine

The Arrival of Spring detailed the changing seasons on Woldgate, East Yorkshire. Each image depicts a specific day between 1st Jan and 31st May 2011. The pictures show intense beauty of nature.



Apart from 1853 Gallery, other parts of the old mill were converted to a few beautiful book stalls and restraints.




After the gallery, we walked through the village. It's such a tranquil and pretty place. There's no crowd either in the gallery or in the village. We can have all those beauty and peace ourselves!
The new mill and old bridge

An old locker

Scottish Rose





几个星期前,这是着名的艺术家David Hockney 80岁生日。 在艺术家的家乡英国西约克郡举行了一个大型的庆祝活动。 在去聚会的路上,不幸发生车祸。幸运的是,没有人受伤,不幸的是,我错过了聚会,车也几乎损坏了😂

今天是一个美丽的星期天。 我们决定再次造访,看看艺术家在Salts Mill 1853画廊的“春天来临”系列。 Salts Mill是一家前纺织厂,现在是一个美术馆。 该厂是在1853年由Titus Salt爵士建造的。当时它是世界上总建筑面积最大的工业建筑。 你仍然可以看到Salt帝国在村里的巨大影响。 该厂于1986年关闭,随后转为艺术画廊。 我非常喜欢将旧建筑转换为艺术画廊或餐馆。 既保存历史建筑,同时又为新的地方提供古老的魅力。

春天系列描述了东约克郡的Woldgate的季节变化。 每张图片描绘了2011年1月1日至2011年5月31日的一个特定日子。人如置身美丽春天画中。

参观画廊后,我们悠闲散步于村庄。 这是一个非常宁静而美丽的地方。 没有游人如织,所有的美好我们可以独自慢慢享用!

Thanks @ace108 very much for initiating #BeautifulSunday. Every Sunday is a beautiful family day!

Cheers! @ai-max


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