These wonderful drawings of a artist began drawing only six months ago !

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The artist started drawing only 6 months ago, where she acquired her first collection of watercolors from the department of crafts in the supermarket. At this time the artist was not aware of the difference between paper and watercolors and plain paper. The artist says that only two months ago, And in addition to special paper, which emphasizes the need to use it as it greatly affects the technique and skill of the artist compared to ordinary paper. As for the drawing and described as expressions of the characters of these objects, each of which is a friend to take care of him by drawing in the best expression. She explains that she does not consider herself a professional artist yet, so she draws on small paper and then draws a larger and better version of the small drawing on larger paper

The pictures :











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Thanks a lot

These drawings are amazing. Such talent, thank you for showing them to us.


Thanks for your support , I'm glad you liked it

Wow......!!! Is all I can say😘


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Great watercolor art. Love the foxes.


Thanks a million

علوضعك يسطا ♥


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يعني Great work
بس بالمصري ♥
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You show real talent at such a young age of 14, and if this is only after 6 months of picking up a brush, I'm astounded!
Keep painting and drawing, your on your way to an amazing art adventure!
following! can't wait for more.


Thanks a lot , You make me happy dear friend @andrew.tischler by your comment also supporting me

perhaps she was a drawer in a past life ...


Probably !

very nice :) good job


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