Hiding Place - My painting

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Good Morning !

This is one of my mixed media painting i did a few years ago.
It was done in photoshop.
I still like the rich colors of it, and the feeling of it, and of course
that bird is i think way too cute ! :-)

Now time for breakfast ...

Have a lovely day !!

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Good morning! The more I see your art works the more I am in love with them! Thank you for sharing!
Hope you will have a great day!

I am glad you like what i do.
Thank You for your kind words, and you too have a GREAT day ! :-)

Both are cute: the little girl and the birdy! Tip!

Give this girl a name and soon you can write entire story based on your characters because they will have a life of their own. Greetings from Pinky and Spiky!

:-) Good idea ! Thank You Pinky and Spiky ! :-)

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Very beautiful and unique

The ART at itsss besttt...
Nice color combination especially the partial abstract naturee.
...thanks fr sharingg

thank You :-)

a very successful work...

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Was it all in photoshop or was it a watercolor first? Love the colors.

it has no watercolor in it at all.
it was done in photoshop :-)

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This is beautiful !
When you write It was done in photoshop, do you mean you created it all digitally in photoshop, or you painted it and made some edition with photoshop..?

Hello Barbara, Good Morning ! :-)
The truth, i don't remember.
Usually i hand draw things first, then i finish it digitally.
This drawing is a few years old, since than, i use wacom tablet
and i don't even have photoshop anymore..
so... this one was probably hand drawn, scanned in, and then
finished in photoshop .

Nice post
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