🎨 live drawings by pencils

in #art4 years ago (edited)

Hi ! :)

i draw these works years ago , by watching at the big picture infront of me , we had 1 hour to finish it .

should do measuring at first and draw it while we use all the space of the paper in A3 .
smaller or bigger wasn't acceptable .

also i made some parts of line a bit sharp , to show the shadows by lines . i was a little bit quick so i had the time to shading the heads also ,

was a good experience at all. :)

i signed in year 92 , equal 2015 .









Oh that's great.
Hi again, Mam if you remember u said u will put up sketch lessons,madam please I am waiting to hear from you.
Regards @crafter

hi , yes i didnt forget it , but these days im a little busy with something, ill do it when my mind will be free ,, but till the right time you can use simple still life drawings,search in google, and try to draw them , i assure you more practice you will learn better

It's really outstanding!! :)

thank you so much @herverisson , <3

The work is very good, it's interesting to see the finished picture.You well feel where to draw shadows on animals, I'm still learning to understand. I'll follow it. I invite you to see my works.@lena1

thank you so much @lena1

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the law of nature! nice!! <3

Cool Drawings.

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That is really amazing...you only had 1 hour!!!

thanks , yes , but every drawing one hour , i draw them in separate days

Still that's amazing. Good work! I just started drawing again. Thanks to steemit, it's a very motivating place.

yes i agree , it's a great motivation

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