Creature Design : Cyclops dragon

in art •  2 months ago

Last time, I posted an Elven woman character design, this time I'll post the dragon the she summon.

The creature is a young mysterious/ magical one-eyed dragon (like a cyclops) with a long tail, that is being summoned by the elven woman. The eye glows and its wings produces a green fire magic as it flies.


Since the dragon is still young, but not the infant type, I decided that the ratio of their height would be like this:



  • (1) Sketch


  • (2) Base Color
    And since it is in forest setting, I decided to make the dragon green and somewhat able to camouflage to trick the enemies


  • (3) Fixing the colors


  • (4) Plotting the part where I'll put the green fire magic


  • (5) Fixing the wing part, I decided to make it teary edges for more personality


  • (6) I plot where the glow would be


  • (7) But decided to remove the one on the edge of the wings, I didn't like the result. I paint further details on the face


  • (8) I added the glow. It's not visible in a white background, so I included a dark background as well.



All Artworks Copyright @adelair - All Rights Reserved

So, I don't actually draw dragon, so most of the time was spent studying their anatomy XD

Next post will be a scene Illustration of elven woman and dragon


I hope you'll stay tune. See you again next time!


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What a beautiful dragon, Adelair! Thanks a lot for sharing this drawing!

Oh you made her companion, Adelair. That is pretty nice, a cyclops dragon :D.  
I like how shiny green you made part of its wings, it kinda looks like zombie dragon because of the colours ^^.        

i wish i could draw dragons that good... I really like the dragon's design. Nice! Good job

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You did a great job with a dragon! I can imagine it flying around in a Harry Potter movie :)

I like the design of the dragon ! And the colours are really nice too <3 the way it tucks its arms in is super cute <3 Wonderful step by step, as usual :D