Character Design : Elven Woman

in art •  6 months ago

I'd like to post this character design I did for my apprenticeship exam.

Maybe some of you have seen my previous posts of my artworks and well I don't have a constant style. I can easily say that whatever the client wants, I could easily adapt to it or in other words being versatile :D

Key points of Style

I was given a visual quality references, and proportion have to be semi-realistic to realistic. There must be no visible lineworks and avoid comic vibe.


Character Design Brief

Elven Woman in her 20's. She has a face of a future queen yet pretty tough and strong when it comes to hand to hand combat. She loves wandering aroung the forest hunting small animals with her bow. She is surprised with her new found magic. Her hands are glowing green and the magic is flowing out of her hands forming a floating ball of magic.


  • (1) First of all, I did some RnD (Research and Development) and list my concepts and the elements I want to include. This is important so you could have a solid plan for your artwork.


  • (2) Once I decided the elements, I move to sketching the pose. You can sketch how many pose you want and chose which work better.



  • (3) Draw the sketch of your character with your plans applied (like the hoodie or cape, boots, arm bands and others)

Well, I screwed up the torso proportion but I adjusted it on the final output XD


  • (4) I also check the silhouettes if it looks interesting or if it can be easily be distinguished


  • (5) I added the base colors


  • (6) I began painting details starting from her head


I wanted her hair to be dirty blonde with cornrow on both sides and her eyes to be lovely gray color. Her shoulder blade shield are engraved with fancy curls.


  • (7) Details down to her torso and legs. I made her upper clothes as old leather



  • (8) And on that leather cloth, a thin silver curl designs are embossed


  • (9) I painted further details on her face and experimented the glow on her hand, I was not yet sure if I am going to make this but I just keep painting


  • (10) I plot where the ball should be and changed the angle of her arm ( you might not notice it here but I did a little rotation), I will get back to it later on the final output. I also added a little detail-- dirt on her face/ markings. She may be disguising herself on the wood



  • (11) I added the light influence on the character from the glow in her hand and ball.


  • (12) Face area : I added the shdow part on the side


  • (13) And finally, I added the effects for final polishing


You can barely see the glow effect on white background so I added a dark background to see the effect. I should have added a backlighting XD


Here's the gif version for better comparison on each stage <3 Sorry if I screwed the proportion and was not able to correct it on the first few stages


All Artworks Copyright @adelair - All Rights Reserved

Next post will be about the dragon that came with her design


I hope you'll stay tune. See you again next time!


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What a beautiful drawing! I could definitely see this character in a game like Skyrim or Dragon's Dogma! Well done, Adelair!


Thank you so much @trincowski <3 It's great to hear those words hahaha, I hope to be part of the AAA Game concept artists. Still trying to improve myself

Someone already submitted your post at c2 curation and no doubt this one is going to get upvoted :D


Thanks @adamada :) great to hear that XD

and elf with a bow is always cool! great work once again


haha typical elf design for now XD Thanks @filotasriza3 <3

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Oh wow! You are absolutely nailing the Steem World! @adelair. There is much more than posting here in Steemit. Join other communities too and contest and other existing initiatives.

Do you have Discord? Feel free to reach me at #jassennessaj9609 if you have any questions. With your talent, you can earn more. You just need to explore the Steem world.


Thank you so much @jassennessaj
If I have all the time in the world, i'd love to explore what other things can be done here. Maybe I should just take it slowly for now hahahaha, quite busy with life events.

I joined contest too.. hmmm only one successful submission. The other entry was not finished or i was not able to find time to make it. hihihi

oh, thank you for that! I'll message you then for more opportunities! :)

She looks really surprised by her magic ball :) Good expression, @adelair :) Nice sketching and I like her design !! <3

Looking forward to the dragon addition!!!


Thanks @veryspider XD I was not sure if I nailed the surprise thingy .. hihihi

Imba na jud ka del :)


the need to pass the application exam is realz ahahahhaha

Ooooh the dragon will come up in your next post? Good good, she feels a bit lonely in this picture.        
I like seeing how you created this art, from the initial idea to the final lovely picture of the elf woman. I think it's fine to see that you changed her proportion throughout the process, if it makes the picture better, then we should certainly improve and fix what we can :).      


hahahah I didn't nailed the surprise expression @scrawly XD
I agree. Fix it til you make it hahah XD Thank you so much!

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