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The world is upside down
the good things around the lie
the loop wraps everything
few are successful.

People compete
they do not know
the race is towards hell

The award?
suffering and eternal ignorance.

Do not you realize?

Things go wrong and nobody contributes

the boat is sinking
they keep pouring water they are inside they are
they do not know
it sinks faster

reproach the one next to

"What are you doing to prevent this from happening?"

bizarre contradiction

This is crazy!

ideas loom
they only see empty brains
few solutions
scarce wills

A vacant lot, a desert.

I listen to the silence, Will I be crazy?

No, silence says much more than the whole word in society
Dead word.

Is society a somnolent?

I think so

We are asleep
We multiply the dead and empty word that whispers in our ears
"Everything you will have, everything you will have".

What to do?

What is everything?

Everything is energy, everything is perspective, everything is illusion

The drought of ideas is killing us

Nobody wants to rain ideas

The wound of indifference is bleeding us.

Nobody wants to suture the wound

Copia de diseño3.png

creative process

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Nice read. I leave an upvote for this article thumbsup

I really liked your post, for the writing and the image :D

Thank you, beautiful @alesstorrb. I love that you enjoy it! 😎 😊

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