Restless mind - original art and writing

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Restless is my mind
keeps fluttering around
Round and round and round
randomly creating
magic melodies to drain

Restless is my world
uneasy rotation
turning around in the sun
transform the passion
in waves of rage

Restless the sadness
restless is my reason
Eat my guts
such confusion

Locked between walls
There's no explanation
Beyond the horizon
I see rotting

Flexible walls
wonderful interaction
one side saves
another kills without mercy

Untimely aggressiveness
feeds the darkness
denied his presence
denied reality

Pure and calm
like spring water
Sacral balance
wisdom and peace


creative process

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I hope you have set your mind to fly ...




Thank you for reading. I'm glad you liked it.

¡Brutal! c: Excelente escrito, me fascina el arte que lo acompaña.

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Información muy útil, gracias amigo :D
un saludo.

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