Non-conformity and transcendence - reflection and original art

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We all go through moments of discomfort in our lives, it is a confusing situation that makes us think many contradictory things. Whatever our thoughts about our sudden discontent is important just to have it, because it is a parenthesis in life, it is a pause that forces you to think:

What am I doing with my life?

Am I doing it wrong?

Am I doing it right?

No matter the different answers you find, what is interesting is that this pause makes you reflect and correct what is necessary, it is an impulse for the good life you want to lead or recognize the one you are leading.

Non-conformity does not necessarily respond to something bad in our lives, it often responds to the very nature of the human being, who is very non-conformist and always tries to reinvent himself.

Not all human beings possess this condition, but if you are one of them, feel fortunate to be part of a select group of people who push forward, do better things and are not satisfied with being born.

Most human beings go through life without that feeling of wanting to explode, that anxiety, that kind of torment he's telling you.

"Wake up!"


"Move on!"

Are you unhappy? Or are you at peace?

"I don't want to be an inert mass, I don't want to be in the ocean carried by the tide."
Adalberto Velásquez

Don't be discouraged, on the contrary, discontent is best associated with the symbol of transformation, the one that tells you that what you have experienced is becoming too small and that something good and much better is yet to come, that something where you will truly feel peace and fulfillment.

Do they know anything? The best that is yet to come will not be definitive. At the end of this cycle, the dissatisfaction will simply reappear... "To be or not to be"?

Time passes and does not forgive, life is one.

Getting ahead is more than a wish, it's an order and a point of honor.

creative process

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I hope you have set your mind to fly ...




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@adalbertodrums, lo que expresas en el primer párrafo de tu post es muy cierto. Actualmente, en Venezuela estamos viviendo una situación de crisis que genera mucha incomodidad y que nos induce a pensar, actuar, para ver como se sale de ese estado ánimo y es ahí donde entra en juego el proceso creativo; pero es necesario ser inconforme no ser conformista; porque siempre hay más cosas detrás del horizonte que debemos buscar. A mi me parece que el sentir de muchos venezolanos está sumergido en el marco del conformismo y es como usted dice hay reinventarse, para poder ver más allá del horizonte. Me agradó mucho tu post y gracias por ayudar con tus ideas y tu sentir. Mi link, si alguna vez quieres leerme es: Https//

@adalbertodrums, what you express in the first paragraph of your post is very true. Currently, in Venezuela we are living in a crisis situation that generates a lot of discomfort and that induces us to think, to act, to see how we get out of that state of mind and that is where the creative process comes into play; but it is necessary to be dissatisfied not to be conformist; because there are always more things behind the horizon that we should look for. It seems to me that the feelings of many Venezuelans are submerged in the framework of conformism and that is how you say you have to reinvent yourself, to be able to see beyond the horizon. I liked your post very much and thank you for helping with your ideas and your feelings. My link, if you ever want to read me is: Https//
@delvapin According to what you say, I always try to look beyond my own limits and not to be alone on the country issue, because we are not the only ones in this world. In every country of this planet there are equal or worse problems, perhaps minor, I don't know... but that's the crux of the matter. *We are not more or less, we all have problems and depending on the perspective what is insignificant for someone else is a serious problem and vice versa*, the theme is to transcend and overcome barriers and above all always keep the flame of hope that activates creativity and pro-activity. Greetings and thank you for reading and taking the time to discuss the topic.

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