Meditation on nothingness - original art and writing

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A thousand leagues away
looking for answers at sea
perfect creation I get drunk
A world of ideas for flying

Mystical interiorization
Like a breeze caresses me
to the origins leads me
weeping and laughter go hand in hand

Ordered human
wasted time and effort
the disorder has increased
law of entropy riding on horseback

Light of chaos is approaching
natural law obeying
divine entropy that hypnotizes
dark chaos growing

Real chaos, inert chaos
permanent mess
crazy noise
the swell is strong

Fight against chaos
patience and praise
sense of control
hope grows

Meditating a thousand leagues away
to the depths brings me closer
I don't know who I am now
only a bird resembles

The distance is doubling for me
sanity seems absent
unsound depths
The lighter it gets, the darker it gets

Limited human understanding
living beings in cages
in caves they wear out
Come out into the light, nothing ties you down

Nature of the universe
everything is laughter, everything is suspense
simplicity of creation
exact fit, design to perfection

I'm sailing on a steady course
with strength I assimilate
reach one's destination
which was once the beginning


creative process

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