Heart of Pluto - original art and writing

in #art4 years ago


Ice cream like Pluto
So is his heart
slim without hesitation
a stormy pain

Sick society
destroys for no reason
appearance and ambition
wrong decision

Dehuman human
harsh contradiction
Frozen the reason
pluto genocide

What will the earth be called
for the inhabitants of Pluto?
Is it a coincidence?
Will we be in Pluto?

Inconsistent threat
cold and calculating
evasive people
sold out of control

Absence of heat
out of the sun
darkens his frame
lie and perdition

We come from Pluto
the earth gives heat
melts the thickness
reviving love

Mysterious galaxy
in it you keep everything
welcome cherry
Your sweetness never fails

Hot and cold
fusion to perfection
Warm the armour
warm the heart

Could it be the cold of Pluto?
The earth and its heat?
mystery of the universe
synchrony and perfection


creative process

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¡Holaaaa nicol! si vale ando full con la música, el trabajo, .. y bueno también a veces por aquí es difícil seguir la pista de la gente buena :-) . ¿Como estás @duartnicol?

yo muy bieeen aquí aún, steemit es una plataforma divertida deberías desahogarte de tanto trabajo y plasmarlo aquí jajaj

Tienes totalmente la razón. Te haré caso :-)

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