🎨Untitled_aquarelle landscape on paper

in art •  10 months ago


That's the progress of an aquarelle I did today to try a new paper. The landscape is inspired by the place I grew up. In the edge of Danube Delta half of the inhabitants of my village were fishermen.
Take a look to see the steps of my watercolour!









Happy painting! :)

Watercolour on Pigna paper 210g/mp

Thank you for stopping by!

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One of the few people I bother to check on Steemit anymore.

I'm always pleased to see your latest work. I like the clouds, it makes it feel as if rain may be coming soon.

Thank you for sharing this.


Thank you so much! I am sorry you don't publish here anymore. It looks you gave up. I wanted many times to give up too. I hope you'll give a new chance soon to this platform.

Yes, clouds of rain indeed. I was a kid and I experienced a storm on Danube delta. I will never forget that day!


I'm waiting to see if Steemit can redeem itself.

So far, I don't see any tools to help people combat the tide of bots infesting the platform.

Beautiful , and i like the texture of water ,did you use some salt ?


Thanks! No, just splash of clear water with a brush. When I use salt the texture is different. Take a look here! IMG_20170628_110557.jpg


Yessss , i was curious because watercolour is not my technique , but sometimes i do it , working with water and colours is nice ,i feel fresh ,

you make it look so easy! Thanx for th epost! I enjoy this a lot! It has been 30 years since i tried.

Keep it up!!


Thank you! :)