Monotype -shells, bugs and other things 😄🎨

in #art4 years ago


Hi everyone!
There are many possibilities to spend a weekend but I was totally absorbed by printmaking.
You have to try! :)





Make a drawing daily for your soul!


do you have access to a press? Maybe try softground etching:
you can transfer texture into a softground, such as leafs, cloth etc

I remember enjoying print making when I had to do it at school but otherwise never felt any need to continue it. It makes some really cool results. Your prints are lovely!

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Thank you! :)

I LOVE printmaking. I used to be solely a printmaker. It's a magical process. It just didn't travel well back and forth across the Atlantic, so that was why I turned to digital. I love these and anything with shells draws me in.

You have quite an interesting style of drawing, @aci7 ! : )

Beautiful! I really like it. It is strange tehnique for me, but I really like that. :)

Thank you! :)

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