Fish Eggs. Pen drawing

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The aquatic life is getting to me again. I started this drawing with the basic outline of the fish while I was having some beers at a lake house. I thought it would end up being a quick sloppy pen drawing.

Fish Eggs_Large.jpg

Fish Eggs. 9x12"

The following day when I sobered up I thought well, let's make this into something a bit better than a loose sloppy pen drawing.


A little progress shot. Once I finished the decaying fish I started doing small circles and larger circles for the eggs. Then once I finished all that up, I went back and filled them in with tiny critters.

Fish Eggs_detail2.jpg

Fish Eggs_detail4.jpg

And here are a couple detail shots.

Thanks for having a look!
Stay grim,
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Hi achristopherart,

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Amazing! Love the details, especially the tiny creatures inside the eggs. I really enjoy your artwork about the aquatic life. This one doesn't stay behind.


Thanks, love doin them fish and what not.


Congrats on your Curie upvote, by the way! ;)

Holy shit this is amazing. I fucking love it. I'm so glad I just stumbled across your page. Looking forward to more <3


I have MUCH respect for Nick Blinko, judging by your profile picture... I'm sure you know of him!


I love Blinko. I have an RP shirt with his work on it. Been searching for his book for awhile now(I know I can find it online but I don't have a bank account and there's something really satisfying about trying to find it in a weird book store somewhere in person). Stoked to see more from you!

Wow! I'm so glad that you sobered up and took the bull by the horns with this one!! Love it :)

Congratulations on the curie as well! You totally deserve it :)


Thank you! Yeah, I'm glad I ended up being very patient with this drawing.


You're welcome @achristopherart! It was worth it 😎

Most beautiful detailed drawings takes alot of time and requires patience. It came out well, you deserve the curie too.

I love this work. Very detail work, it looks like fossils fish. To see this pen work it seems that you took lots of time to make the detail texture. How much time you spend for this friend?


Thank you for the kind words! I believe it took around 16 hours to complete.

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wow !!! i love * ___ * very amazing <3 love the detailing and the eggs and all the tiny egg faces and also the huge fish's crazy bones are greatgreat <3 love it !

congrats for curie :D


Thank you Spidey! You're always so sweet.

  ·  10 months ago (edited)

nice job on the details :)
what do you draw with?

oh and one more thing, I personally prefer the "in progress" version. It's not as overloaded as finished version. Next time maybe consider using "negative space" as actual part of the drawing, it really opens up the composition and lets it breathe


I draw with a rotring isograph pen. I know what you mean with the drawing being overloaded, but that's what I do. I like to fill the page with as much as possible. Gives the viewer a lot to look at it, even if it is a bit overwhelming. NO BREATHING!

Love those details, it might have taken long time i guess.


Truly amazing. I can get lost in your drawings and a well deserved @curie vote as well! congrats!

  ·  10 months ago (edited)

good composition, i wish you had gone even darker!! (: awsome, resteemed!

Hi @achristopherart,

As always very unique and intricate piece. It is so easy to get lost in most of your work. There are just so many things to sit and stare at. Love it!

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