Character Drawing/Artwork for Writing Contest!

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I’ve been really enjoying doing portraits and creating new interesting characters lately. When @byn asked me to submit some artwork for her new writing contest, I thought of this drawing first thing.

This is one I did using Chameleon markers, which work really well and doesn’t leave streaks unless your markers are almost out. I used a paint pen for the dots.

There wasn’t really a driving inspiration to this one, it just kind of happened much like most of my writing does, I just kind of sketched it and a few hours later this came out. I'm submitting this as a writing prompt for the Writing Contest (that will be up later today!) because I'm curious to see what kind of stories it might inspire!


You are welcome to use my picture in your contest entry post, just please do not crop or edit it. Also, please tag me in your post @abyni so that I can be sure to find it and read it!


border and sig thanks to @byn



Thanks for this portrait. Very interesting. I used it as a prompt is the contest

thanks so much :)

Intriguing art! I was struck by her. This art should inspired much inspiration for the contest!

thank you so much, I'm glad I managed to make something so interesting and intriguing!

That’s a really crazy portrait! i’m Using it as my art prompt in the 500 followers contest. Thanks for the art inspiration!

no problem and thank you, that's so nice!

I posted my story based on your art! You can check it out at #niki . Thank you for inspiring my writing:)

Wow...this is amazing, I'm definitely using this in my entry

thanks so much, I'm really happy with how it turned out, even though it started out as an assignment for school

Your artwork was really inspiring, you can check out my blog for the piece I used it for..

This was the most intriguing and appealing photo! I loved it and chose it for my entry. I do like the clour you chose to do the eyes, it gives it much more of a possessed and magical feeling!

thank you! I'm so happy with all the supportive comments, it's definitely making me feel more confident in my art!

Awh! That is great! I suppose it is one thing to hear 'great art, good art', etc., and it is on another level hearing people relating and taking inspiration and seeing much more than just an art piece. What can I say? Thank you for the inspiration ;)

Thank you so much, I feel so supported!

There is just something so powerful about her eyes, they grab a hold of your soul and slowly, slowly pull it forward! Great piece!

Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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