Watercolor Studies

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Hello Steemians!
Its Ama again!

The other day I was working on a quick sketch that ended up turning into a long watercolor painting study It was a study done of a model that goes by the username @dmeiyue off instagram.
Im not sure if I should post her photo on here since I dont want copyright issues BUT I highly recommend checking her instagram page out!


She has so many amazing photos so it was hard to decide which to choose but honestly I fell in love with a picture of her head inbetween two mirrors. It allowed me to work on the various perspectives of the face with the challenge of keeping the facial appearance the same with each head!




Another challenge I had to face was black hair. For some strange reason I struggle with black hair in this medium. As you can tell by my past posts, I normally always do vibrant pastel hair! I really want to expand and get comfortable with natural tones since I find I stick to the saaame ol pastel colors.


I think this study went well! Though I noticed that the chin is pointed more in my painting than it is in the actual photo of her. I also think I should have added more to the mirrors but originally this was just a head study so it didnt feel necessary at the time. Doing this study allowed me to practice realistic shading with watercolors as well as drawing almond eye shapes AND using a light hand to create wisps of hair on her forehead!

Thats about it for this post! Have you done any recent studies with mediums you're rusty or new at?
Hope all has been well!

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It is beautiful! I also had hard time express black using water color. I normally mix all kinds of dark colors to make it real black. I love your trials of head at different angles.

Thank you! Thats actually a really good idea! I never thought of mixing things to get a better black, just always used black out of the pan which isnt as dark as Id like.

Beautiful you did this????

Yes, thank you! 💕

You welcome..

Very nice work :) beauty face