The Summoning Original Watercolor Painting

in art •  last year 

Hello Steamians!
Its Ama again!

This painting took longer than wanted due to detail but Im actually pretty happy (for once), with how it turned out! Its called, The Summoning.


Completed her yesterday and have been excited to share her with you! Woo! The only downer is that the hair has a lot more to work on (I want to get gouache to take the hair up a notch).


For using extra layers and slowly overcoming my fear of deeper pigment in this medium, this is a good step.

Also been living for this salt technique on the backgrounds! So much texture AND small shimmers! Perfect for when you don't know what the hell you want to do with the background! 👌


Have you ever used the salt technique when playing with watercolors?


Hope your week has started off nice! Eats lots of delicious food and stay safe!


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Wow pretty~ and lots of details <3 <3 Another beautiful picture, ama~


Thank you! Glad you like it! 💕💕

Wow, this is such an incredible post! I love it. I also love the effect you’ve achieved using the salt! Hope you’ll consider submitting something to my Art Mix Up Contest someday. Deadline for this week was extended to Friday. ;)

Woah! Thats really cool! Ill have to check it out! Thank you!

This is officially my first insta-follow, I love you work and already cheked your later pieces and was amazing, keep up the amazing work!

Thank you so much for your love and support! I appreciate your kind words! 💕💕💕