Small And Simple Original Watercolor Painting

in art •  2 years ago 

Hello again Steemians!
It is I, Absolute Ama!

Started my morning with a small and simple watercolor painting and thought I'd share some closeups with ya!


I don't usually line in watercolor since my wrist is all jacked up from drawing so much but I thought since this painting was small, I'd give it a try.


I had the perfect thin brush for this whole process! It created lovely thin lines and carried a decent amount of water so I wasn't constantly re-dipping for more color.


So I'm thinking of doing some larger pieces next and test out this method of linework since it's softer to look at and doesn't take away from the overall hairstyle which I find happens when I line with colored pencil.


And that's it!

Hope the start of your week has been well so far! Thanks for stopping by!


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I like the celestial ambience of your drawing. Have you though about making an digital version with a tablet ?

Thank you! Yes!! I've been dying to try digital art but still saving up for a laptop at the moment. 😧😧😧

Be careful of the screen quality if you're going to draw on it !

Yeah, still not sure what exactly I want at this point!

The best would be an OLED screen but I don't think there is any laptop with this techno yet...

Oooo! Yeahhh, gotta stick to a laptop atm!

I'm obsessed with long hair, so I like this a lot. Gave you an upvote. :) Keep up the good work!

Ahhh! Thank you!! I'm also obsessed with long hair!! 😍😍😍😍💕💕💕