Inventions Of The Future Watercolor Painting

in art •  2 years ago 

It's been awhile, Steemians!
It's me again, Ama!

Been taking it easy on creating since I had a bit of a burn out and have been feeling overwhelmed with other things in my life. Still struggling with getting back in the groove too.

Here's a recent painting I did that took 2 weeks to finish yet still doesn't feel finished. Hahaha




I really liked the concept when it was first sketched so I think that's what took me so long to get to it. Even towards the middle of it I struggled with painting it because it didn't feel complete no matter how many layers I put down which started to drain me.


I will probably revisit this concept in a year after I've seen better progress in my works so as for now this is it!


Hope you're week has been lovely so far!

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I was wondering if you were coming back! Excellent detail!

Hahahaha thanks! Yeah, just taking it easy for the most part! 💕

Welcome back! Every once in a while a break is necessary.
I really like how this work turned out, whimsical and surreal. I also really enjoy the way you render metal, it provides a nice contrast to the softer characters in your work.

Thank you! Yeah, I've kind of burnt myself out so getting back in the groove of things has been a challenge! 😧

Thanks! Glad to hear that you liked the metal piece, I felt like it wasn't as strong compared to the last one so that's good to hear that you like it! 💕